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Your sponsorship will help your sister learn skills that can change her life:

  • A monthly stipend for food, clothes, water, and shelter
  • Trade and business skills training
  • Information on her fundamental human rights

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Not ready to commit to becoming a Sponsor? Make a monthly gift of any amount. Your reliable support will help more women in war-torn countries recover from violence and lift themselves out of poverty. It's an small way to make a big difference all year long.

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The bond of sisters is unbreakable.

You'll be alongside your newly sponsored sister every step of the way, with:

  • An introductory letter about your sister and her family.
  • If your sister provided one, a digital photo of your sister to keep her top of mind and in your heart.
  • Email communications to keep up with your sister’s progress.
  • An online account where you can manage your sponsorship, learn more about your sister and send her photos and notes of encouragement.

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