An incredible journey that will change her life—and yours.

Over the next 12 months, your new sister will undergo an incredible transformation. She will receive a monthly stipend that enables her to pay for basic necessities like food, medicine, clean water, clothing and shelter for her family and to begin saving money. She will learn more about her real value and her human rights. And she’ll graduate with new skills so she can earn an income and provide for her family. And it’s all thanks to you—her sponsor.

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In 4-6 weeks you will be matched with your sister(s). We’ll send you a welcome kit complete with everything you need to know about her, and you can stay informed about her progress throughout her time in the program.

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Women for Women International does such great work that I'd like to do more than become a sponsor. I'd also like to pledge a recurring donation of $3 in addition to my monthly contribution, to increase support to its life-changing programs.

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The bond of sisters is unbreakable.

You'll be alongside your newly sponsored sister every step of the way, with:

  • An introductory letter about your sister and her family.
  • If your sister provided one, a digital photo of your sister to keep her top of mind and in your heart.
  • Email communications to keep up with your sister’s progress.
  • An online account where you can manage your sponsorship, learn more about your sister and send her photos and notes of encouragement.

Invest with Confidence

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